"Savings Superheroes": Empowering Pennstar FCU's Youth with Financial Superpowers!

(January 2024)

General Info

Pennstar Federal Credit Union (Pennstar FCU) is dedicated to offering its members a comprehensive suite of banking services. Understanding the significance of nurturing financial literacy and fostering brand loyalty early on, Pennstar FCU partnered with Full Tank Creative to craft an engaging marketing campaign for their “Super Star Saver” youth accounts.

Headquarters: Hermitage, Pennsylvania | Assets: $53.8 Million | Members: 4,095 | Services Used: Email, video, web banner, and flyer​

Campaign Objective

The campaign’s primary objective was to boost enrollment in “Super Star Saver” youth accounts by inspiring parents to empower their children as “Savings Superheroes” through opening these accounts. Introducing young members to the benefits of saving not only cultivates lifelong financial literacy and responsibility but also fosters a profound loyalty to Pennstar FCU. By instilling these values early on, Pennstar can establish a robust and enduring bond between the credit union and its young members, ensuring a solid foundation for their financial journey.

We are thrilled with the success of our ‘Savings Superheroes’ campaign! Partnering with Full Tank Creative to launch our ‘Super Star Saver’ youth accounts led to a 400% increase in account openings and significantly boosted engagement with our members.

Nichole Sayers, CEO

Campaign Strategy

Full Tank Creative designed a comprehensive strategy to engage the target audience effectively. The key components of the campaign included:

Parent-Centric Messaging:
Although our messaging was carefully crafted to appeal to both parents and their children, we recognized that parents were the primary target audience, as they are the decision-makers when it comes to opening these accounts. Acknowledging the pivotal role parents play in shaping their children’s financial futures, we tapped into their universal desire to provide the best for their children. By highlighting the unique advantages of “Super Star Saver” youth accounts, such as flexible fund access and interest accrual, our goal was to persuade parents that these accounts were the perfect choice to start their children’s financial journey.

Youth Appeal:
After successfully engaging parents, our focus shifted to capturing the excitement and interest of children aged 13 and younger. Our campaign directly addressed this younger audience, using language and visuals crafted to resonate with them. Additionally, we emphasized the enticing incentives offered by the credit union, such as the opportunity to win gifts, receive a personalized membership pack, and enjoy a special birthday surprise. By making saving into a fun and rewarding adventure, we ensured that children eagerly anticipated their financial journey with Pennstar FCU.

Multi-Channel Approach:
To ensure maximum reach and engagement, we implemented a multi-channel marketing strategy (In accordance with the credit union’s subscription). This comprehensive approach utilized various platforms including email, video content, web banners, and in-branch promotional flyers. By leveraging these diverse channels, we aimed to connect with our target audience at multiple touchpoints, reinforcing our messaging and maximizing the campaign’s impact. Whether parents were checking their emails, browsing online, or visiting our branches, they encountered our compelling message about the benefits of “Super Star Saver” youth accounts, further driving enrollment and fostering a sense of excitement and anticipation among both parents and children alike.

In-Branch Engagement Activities:
Pennstar FCU enhanced the campaign with in-branch engagement activities to further connect with members. These activities included providing superhero masks for children, as well as branded piggy banks and savings-themed coloring books. Custom buttons with the message “Ask about being a Savings Superhero Today!” were worn by staff, fostering conversations about the campaign. Children received their own buttons proudly proclaiming them as “Savings Superheroes!” These thoughtful touches not only reinforced the campaign’s messaging but also created memorable experiences for both staff and members alike, strengthening the bond between Pennstar FCU and its community.

Pennstar Youth Savings_Jan2024
"Savings Superheroes" Flyer

The campaign’s open-ended immersive approach effectively captured the interest of parents and their children. Our staff were equally excited, going so far as to create superhero masks, custom buttons and in-branch activities. This campaign has empowered our young members with financial literacy and established a strong foundation for their financial futures.

Nichole Sayers, CEO

PennstarFCU_Youth Club Accounts_10Jan2024_edited
"Savings Superheroes" Email
"Savings Superheroes" Web Banner

“Savings Superheroes” Video

Campaign Results

The “Savings Superheroes” campaign yielded remarkable outcomes, underscoring its effectiveness in achieving campaign objectives within the span of one month.

Awareness & Exposure:
The campaign generated widespread visibility, accumulating more than 960 unique impressions across multiple channels. These included an email, a prominent web banner on the website, captivating videos showcased on in-branch monitors, and an eye-catching flyer featuring a QR code distributed to members in-branch. Each element, including the flyer with the QR code, directed members to a dedicated landing page that provided additional information about the “Super Star Saver” youth accounts and offered a streamlined process to initiate the account opening. This strategic multi-channel approach ensured broad coverage, effectively reaching potential account holders through diverse touchpoints and maximizing overall exposure.

Relationship Building:
Pennstar FCU deepened connections with members by integrating captivating in-branch activities into the campaign. From providing engaging materials like superhero masks to initiating conversations through custom buttons worn by staff, the credit union created an immersive and interactive experience for families. These thoughtful touches not only reinforced the campaign’s messaging but also fostered memorable experiences, strengthening the bond between Pennstar FCU and its community.

Account Openings:
Leveraging the compelling messaging and engaging tactics deployed throughout the campaign, Pennstar FCU witnessed a staggering 400% surge in account openings for the “Super Star Saver” youth accounts. This substantial increase underscores the campaign’s profound impact in driving action among the target audience, translating interest into tangible participation and adoption of the financial product.

The ‘Savings Superheroes’ campaign has set a new standard for our marketing efforts, showcasing our commitment to innovative financial education. Full Tank Creative has been an invaluable partner, and we look forward to more successful collaborations.

Nichole Sayers, CEO


In conclusion, Pennstar Federal Credit Union’s “Savings Superheroes” campaign stands as a testament to the power of strategic marketing in achieving organizational objectives. By targeting both parents and children, the campaign effectively fostered financial literacy, cultivated brand loyalty, and drove tangible results in the form of increased account openings. Through a multi-channel approach and immersive in-branch activities, Pennstar FCU successfully engaged its target audience, leaving a lasting impression and strengthening the bond with its community. As a result, the campaign not only achieved its immediate goals but also laid a solid foundation for the long-term financial well-being of its members, exemplifying Pennstar FCU’s commitment to empowering its community through financial education and support.